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How to Build an Waterproof Efoil Remote Control

How to Build an Waterproof Efoil Remote Control

Electric hydrofoil surfboards are quickly becoming the most sought-after sport/toy of the year. In fact, last summer hydrofoil orders were taking off for DIY efoil builders who had working prototypes. The one thing that every builder has in common is the need for a waterproof efoil remote control.

Currently, it seems everyone us using an electric skateboard remote control in a plastic bag to keep it waterproof. With this as your remote, you must lift electric hydrofoil remote control in the air when you fall, and also be sure you do not squeeze the bag and pop it open during a wipeout. Beyond that, handling something through a plastic bag is very slippery and tough to control.

This year it is expected that a waterproof electric hydrofoil remote control will become available. It is expected to have multi uses so the one remote can control an electric skateboard, efoil, electric SUP, and electric jet board.

The reality is with DIY builders attaching an electric motor to virtually everything these days a new multi-use waterproof electric hydrofoil remote control is going to fill a void in the marketplace.

There are several creators who have shared their concepts on various forums, but they have yet to deliver a final product that can be sold. This proves just how new the powered water sports segment is.

Only a few companies have a waterproof electric hydrofoil remote control but none of them sell to individual builders.

The key features of required for a high performance and long-lasting controller are: totally waterproof, buoyant, rugged, and automatically shut off the motor’s power once the board is more than 15 feet away from the rider. Meaning, if the someone falls, and the board is driving away, it will shut down for safety reasons. This project poses a variety of challenges for its design and usability.

With so many open source builders testing and modify all aspects of a waterproof remote, it has provided steep product development curve and has thus created some exciting designs and features

With builders in North America, Europe, Australia, and many other countries sharing their ideas and knowledge with each other there is rapid progress. This is an exciting time as DIY electric hydrofoils, jet surfboards and electric surfboards.

Electric hydrofoil are a way of bringing surfing to the lakes, rivers, and oceans of the world. All you need is a body of water and charge efoil batteries. It will be exciting to see electric hydrofoils zipping by (quietly) on the lakes, rivers, and oceans of the world.