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Network Camera Video Surveillance For Fast Food Restaurants

Network Camera Video Surveillance For Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants provide good food for a good price in a short amount of time, the perfect meal for the busy people of today to get something to eat on the go. Unfortunately, they are also highly susceptible to crimes such as theft and vandalism. Long hours with high numbers of customers moving in and out in a short period of time and high employee turnover can all lead to a potentially inviting environment for criminals. A network camera video surveillance system can greatly improve security for a fast food restaurant.

The Benefits of a Video Surveillance System

Many fast food restaurants these days employ video surveillance systems and with good reason. Keeping track of both customers and employees gives the restaurant an excellent overview of everything happening in the restaurant at any given time. The knowledge that customers are surveyed will also give criminals food for thought when considering committing a crime. In instances where a criminal act does take place video surveillance footage can be used by investigators in tracking down and catching the perpetrators.

Video surveillance has other benefits as well. It can be used to monitor employees to ensure they are maintaining proper business practices. It can also reduce on the job theft, which unfortunately is often prevalent in the fast food industry.

Network Camera Video Surveillance

The use of network cameras in developing a video surveillance system can be very beneficial. They are small and unobtrusive, so as not to ruin the patrons’ experience while dining in. Such a video surveillance system is also easy to install, reducing the initial labor involved in implementation.

Thanks to network cameras’ built-in web server, video footage can be simply and immediately transferred over a network: either local or the Internet. This ability greatly enhances remote monitoring capabilities with little effort on your part. Any computer with network access can view the images, meaning you can be checking up on your surveillance system whether you are at the restaurant, at home or even on the road.

Use of enhanced event management software can also be a boon. A network camera video surveillance system can be designed to turn on or off based on video motion detection. It can be programmed to turn lights, appliances, etc. on or off based on the occurrence of specific events. Advanced video analytic software such as object recognition can make surveillance software aware of even minor changes in the environment which might otherwise go unnoticed, and alert you or the proper authorities.

Installing a Network Camera Video Surveillance System

The first part in installing a video surveillance system is the choosing of cameras. Even within the world of network cameras there are many options to consider, based upon your restaurants specific needs. Fast food restaurants are generally fairly small, so normally you will not need too much flexibility in your camera, single static images will generally suffice.

Placement of cameras is incredibly important for any video surveillance system. The most important place for a fast food restaurant to have a video camera setup would be at the register. This is where all the transactions take place, thus the most likely spot for any potential criminal activity to occur. A video camera placed at the entrance will also allow you to view everyone who enters and leaves the restaurant.

Two other places to put cameras are in the dining area and the kitchen area. A camera in the dining area allows you to monitor activity there, just in case something untoward should occur. A kitchen camera keeps staff under surveillance while on the job, to ensure that they are acting properly and in accord with your requirements.