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Is Making the Big Switch From BlackBerry to iPhone 4 Worth It?

Is Making the Big Switch From BlackBerry to iPhone 4 Worth It?

Creating the massive swap from BlackBerry to Apple iphone was not effortless for me. The assumed of getting a touchscreen cell phone was daunting, I have heard tales about people’s screens packing up on their phones. So this is me contemplating acquiring a touchscreen cellular phone with no the touch is not the way forward.

So about 2 a long time ago I opted out of having an Apple iphone or any touchscreen phone and acquired my fingers on the BlackBerry Daring 9000.

Rapidly forward to currently: I enjoy my BlackBerry Daring. Yeah it’s huge, vast and the digital camera isn’t the best, but I uncovered it was excellent for me in just about every way, and this is why:

The Construct

It is reliable, which intended I failed to have to fret about getting ‘fragile’ about it. I could throw it around a little bit and not stress way too considerably. The leather-based back casing was very classy and a slick contact which felt good from my fingers. The in general establish and type of this model built the other BlackBerry’s look affordable and plastic.

Interaction on the go

I am normally on the go, so with this machine I could use electronic mail and BlackBerry Messenger for immediate call with close friends, family members and business enterprise clientele. For socialising I experienced Twitter and Fb apps as properly as the ‘normal’ cellphone call and SMS / MMS.


Jogging my personal company the calendar was perfect for me to organise my time, which think me I use religiously.

Comprehensive QWERTY Keyboard

Here is wherever the BlackBerry receives the most important ‘Brucey reward points’. The comprehensive qwerty keyboard is uncomplicated to use and with a shorter time can convert even the most awkward typer to a hyper text producing maniac. The buttons are a little bigger on this product compared to other BlackBerry’s, which tends to make all the difference.

A shortly as my agreement finished I was joyful to retain my BlackBerry Daring and carry on but buddy Jmwob was generally heading on about how his Apple iphone “altered his daily life” and that it can do this and that, and how he just downloaded this new application that can….(this is the place I stopped listening and switched off) but you get the portrait.

I had to see what the fuss is about and irrespective of whether it lived up to the hoopla. So I bit the bullet for breakfast and ordered it. I ordered the Iphone 4. The Massive Daddy.

As quickly as I obtained the shipping and delivery I was excited and just in awe of the box and the packaging by itself. The tiny specifics in the packaging illustrates the great wonderful element and work absent into this merchandise – it wasn’t just an additional cell phone thrown into a box with a charger, it felt like I experienced just ordered section of the brand name and was in for an expertise.

With no messing about I received the new micro SIM registered, the phone billed and likely – which was quick as counting to 3 (I only have 3 fingers)


When placing the mobile phone on, I was quickly amazed with the clarity and screen high-quality. The monitor is clearer than my Television, seriously intellect-blowing it really is the to start with factor you notice. Apple has undoubtedly lifted the bar by obtaining this. Just producing a textual content information or browsing the web is a Hd experience.


Ok, so I reported I failed to like touchscreens, but this one particular is distinctive. The touch sensitivity on this cell phone is extremely responsive to your just about every finger movement. It is the best touchscreen out there and really really hard not to really like how effortless it tends to make points.


The phone seems slick. No doubt about it, it really is thinner, less significant and flatter than the BlackBerry Bold and continue to has a really feel of high quality about it. I would not be throwing this about in hurry while.

Finish ease

The Apple Iphone 4 goes to extra lengths to make guaranteed you you should not overwork. It helps make matters so effortless: Surfing the World wide web, YouTube, gaming, whatsoever you want.

For instance:

If you are a BlackBerry owner you will know that you have the facility to entry YouTube, but how a lot of a head ache is it to load up the browser up, load up YouTube, load up the video clip, stream / buffer it and hold out. The identical experience is unbelievably a lot easier and quicker on Iphone 4 with a lot more selections available. Pretty much just one touch, and your on the YouTube landing page. A different contact you’re actively playing a online video – as quickly as you load what motion picture you want, it is playing. No messing about. No streaming or buffering (depending on your signal and many others.) It just will make the entire knowledge less effort and a great deal much more pleasurable that you will go again and do it more typically. Place it this way, it can be so simple to use even an individual who is not tech-savvy or from an older era can use it.


When they say it can be an additional environment of Apps, it actually is. Each will come with a complete descriptive summary, testimonials, ratings and a reporting solution. There is a little something for just about anything and every person. The Apps let you rework your telephone into a comic e book, a novel, a game titles equipment, a laptop computer or whatever else is offered. You will never ever be bored.


The first time I experimented with Facetime, the complete experience at the same time felt incredible and unusual. The reality that you happen to be speaking and viewing someone on the shift is fantastic. I was talking to my mate Smwob and exhibiting him all around my property! Incredible.

The toughness of your Wi-Fi will decide the lag and clarity of the practical experience but when I did it – the display screen was really crystal clear and there was no lag speaking to my budd on the other facet of the town. Significantly brain-blowing: a compact indication of future technologies to occur.

In general Ideas

So for now – the BlackBerry is packed up in it really is box and I am waiting around on my cost-free Iphone situation to be transported out from Apple. I know other individuals might have experienced distinct ordeals, this is just my individual practical experience and what I had to go via when building the swap from Bold to Apple iphone.

So did I regret signing up for the Apple iphone 4? So much, nope. 24 months down the line from now my views may perhaps be different and I am sure there are masses additional points to locate out, fantastic and bad – like getting employed to the touch keyboard but I know a person point, I’m gonna have great time whilst performing. This is only the commencing of journey. Search out for yet another submit coming before long and see how I’m receiving on.

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