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LG Chocolate Cell Phones – Check Out The Features Of The LG Chocolate Black

LG Chocolate Cell Phones – Check Out The Features Of The LG Chocolate Black

Just one look at the LG Chocolate Black cell phone and you will know exactly how it got its name. It has a rich black piano finish that coats its slim rectangular candy-bar form, like a bar of dark chocolate.

The LG Chocolate Black is one of many in its line that sports the fashionable and trendy look that many people are after these days. Its dimensions (3.5 inches x 1.58 inches x 0.69 inches) are a factor that people simply crave because of how sexy it looks in one’s hand, and it helps a lot that it only weighs 0.35 ounces. Not thinner than many other phones in the market, the LG Chocolate Black cell phone is not entirely designed to cater to those who are meticulous about phone size (i.e., the thinner the better) but its main purpose is to stun and amaze with its sleek looks. Still, it’s a thin phone that has a slider mechanism that can be closed during calls, its form factor not making it uncomfortable at all.

One of the first things that one may notice about the LG Chocolate Black cell phone is its screen landscape which sits in at 320 x 240, allowing one read up to 11 lines of text. This also ensures that one can enjoy great graphics. One of the other features that it boasts is an almost visible keypad that will only reveal itself when being used, disappearing during idle times or when the phone is not being used. The touch sensitive keypad has actually been one of LG’s selling points. The OK button still takes its place in the center of all the 4 directional buttons and is also the only way to access the inner menu. To add better function, the directional buttons are programmed to do other things while in the home screen. The directional buttons can also be used when the music player function is on. Other buttons include shortcuts to the phonebook and messaging areas as well as a back and talk button. And in true fashion, the power button does not sit on top or on the face of the phone like most others but on the left side of the phone right on the spine.

Internally, the LG Chocolate Black cell phone can store up to 500 contacts with ample space for phone numbers and email addresses. These contacts can be grouped, assigned pictures and individual ring tones, and voice dialing properties. The phone incorporates important features for the working man such as a calendar, calculator, vibrate while silent mode, a world clock, alarm clock, notepad, email and instant messaging features. With added Bluetooth support for wireless applications, you might just say that LG has thrown everything in except for the kitchen sink.

Looking for the perfect phone that packs enough power and in a form factor that screams everything fashion? The LG Chocolate Black cell phone is the phone to buy in such a case and there are only three words to think of when looking at this marvel of a mobile: Thin is in.