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Sony Ericsson W760I Mobile Phone Review – Unassuming 3G Slider Walkman

Sony Ericsson W760I Mobile Phone Review – Unassuming 3G Slider Walkman

The Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone is a cool music phone with a surprising feature called SensMe. Imagine owning a phone that plays music, matching your specific mood. Wii like games are included as well. This nifty little GPS satellite navigation has also been included on this phone, not to mention an exciting choice of colors, red, black, and silver.

This phone is similar to your one-stop shop experience. Equipped with GPS satellite navigation (provided by Wayfinder Navigation) and Google Maps for your convenience; this phone is unique since all you have to do to play the next song is shake it a bit; this is called Shake Control. If you tilt it, you will be able to play the Wii-like games. In addition to all of this, your phone is similar to a walkman, possessing stereo speakers on the front and a myriad of other musical features like a built in FM radio and the ability to listen with a Bluetooth or regular headphones. There is only enough memory for a few MP3’s (40Mbytes); but it is expandable to 1 GB with the use of a memory stick. For you music fans on the go, this phone is indeed a dream come true.

It should be taken into consideration that the camera is about 3.2 mega pixels, excluding flash and autofocus; sorry. This feature is average at best sorry to say. If you are a consumer seeking a mobile camera phone, perhaps you will have better luck elsewhere.

Battery life is alright, when switching to 2G. Unfortunately there is no mapping software; it is a dazzling physically good-looking phone; only with an average camera, great GPS included and a wonderful keypad which has come a long way from the previous phone.

On a brighter note, this phone is not horribly disappointing; it has its ups and down like any other mobile phone. Perhaps Sony Ericsson can think about adding mapping software that will increase its value with many consumers. I’m sure many people would agree this would be an added plus to the feature Sony has already included to this mobile phone.

On a much more positive note; The Sony W760I is a reincarnation of the walkman. Remember when the Walkman was introduced in the 80’s? This Sony W760I phone expands way beyond anyone’s imagination. Technology has indeed come a long way since then.

The Sony W760I mobile phone features HSDPA, Quad band edge; equipping users with the ability and high speed to download various sources from the internet. This nifty little mobile phone is also a member of the walkman family!

In all honesty; this mobile phone is really meant for the music lovers in us all. Stereo Speakers are also built in along with a GPS system and includes many games.

For many folks that are constantly on the move; having their entertainment within reach is greatly appreciated; especially when traveling and you need a break away from the business world.