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The Wide World of Camera Lenses

The Wide World of Camera Lenses

Minolta has always been the leader in producing lenses that are one of its own kinds. The minolta camera lenses have now gone beyond the imagination of the crowd. Recently, these people have come up with the exotic special purpose lens, which specializes in producing a transition between the in-focus and out-of-focus areas in the picture. The best feature in these lenses is its ability to reduce the distracting effects from the background without distorting the original image. These lenses also come at an excellent price range and are excellent in optical quality and range for daily use.

Moving on from lenses, we digress a little and jump on directly to the security cameras. The latest security system uses the board cameras. These are mini cameras that have lenses mounted on circuit boards. The small size of these cameras makes them simply apt for use in the security system applications. Sometimes they also use the pin hole lenses that are available in two categories – flat and conical lenses.

The conical lens is used when the security system camera is installed on the ceiling tiles and the flat lens is used when the security camera system uses a thin material such as clothing. Some of these board cameras also use the board lenses for better picture quality. Most of the board cameras operate with an AC adapter or at times using a battery for power supply. However, most of the brand manufacturers suggest the use of good quality adapters for your cameras.

Talking of camera systems, we just cannot afford to forget the canon camera systems. It is one of the leading producers of the most complete single lens reflex camera system in the world. They give you guaranteed products that can take you to a much higher level of photography. They use some exclusive technologies that are unmatched by any other camera manufacturer in the world.

Sometimes these cameras use the teleconverters for the conversion or rather extension of the focal lengths. One of the popular names in this field is the bower that boasts not only of teleconverters but are also leading manufactures of wide angle lenses. The bower lenses come with a high resolution, ultra wide angle and even macro fittings attached. Another important camera system is the telescopic camera system that is used for security as well as some industrial inspections. This system features a powerful monochrome camera and an illuminator mounted on a telescopic pole.

With all these varieties of cameras available, people generally do not prefer fixed lens cameras. Thus, manufacturers have come up with a better solution in the form of the varifocal lenses. As the name suggests, these lenses can be adjusted even after the purchase of the camera. In simple words, these lenses provide the facility of changing the focal length and consequently the magnification of the image.

There is one more historical name that needs to be added to the list and that is the cosina cameras and camera lenses. This company is also accredited with world’s first all-push-button SLR cameras. Then, there is a latest product in the market by the name of Nikon’s d2h camera, which is receiving rave reviews. It is much better in looks and performance than its predecessors D1H and D1.

Even after all these discussions, some of us are still not aware of many of the terminologies used in the field of camera and lenses. One good example is the 3x, which denotes the ratio of the camera’s longest focal length to the shortest focal length. It, by no ways, means that two 3x cameras will have the same actual magnification.